Helping Your Outer
Beauty Match Your
Inner Beauty

Who are we?

Redding Health Care Laser Center is a professional medical center in your neighborhood which uses state of the art laser technology to help you achieve your personal beauty goals. We take the time to personally council you about what techniques and technologies are available to maximize treatments while reducing the cost to you.

Robin Merlo P.A.Your consultation and procedures will be done personally by Robin Merlo, P.A.. Robin has been a licensed Physician Assistant since 1986 and has had extensive training in laser techniques and applications. Dr. Raymond Merlo, the Supervising Physician of Redding Health Care, is also available for consultation and assistance. You can be assured that your treatments will be handled in the most friendly and professional atmosphere available.

Most of the procedures that we do will require multiple treatments. With Laser Hair Removal, hair grows in various stages, and we will need to treat each growth stage individually. Veins and wrinkle reductions may take several procedures due to the time it takes for the body to respond. Whatever procedure you sign up for, your treatments are all included in your quoted price.

Our website is inteded to introduce ourselves and let you see what types of procedures are available to you at Redding Health Care Laser Center. We are anxious to talk to you personally about laser technology and how it can help your outer beauty match your inner beauty.

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