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What Is A Laser?

Laser is actually an acronymn for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Pretty fancy huh? Well, what it really means is that unlike the light bulb in your house that allows light to scatter in every direction, lasers focus light into a very specific beam. Light is part of the radiographic spectrum. All the different colors, like those you see in a rainbow, have different wave lengths, also know as frequencies. These are similar to your favorite radio stations being on different frequencies, so are your favorite colors.
Elite laser machine
Lasers are made for a wide variety of uses. Because lasers concentrate the power of photons, the atomic component of light, there is an unlimited number of applications that are being developed. The military is developing laser weaponry while the building industry has begun using lasers in everything from levels to saw guides and the list goes on.

Laser Cosmetic Surgery began in the 1960's and over the past 50 years tremendous advances have been made. There are many different types of laser machines that are made for specific purposes. These various lasers use different wavelength frequencies and powers to penetrate the skin to different depths and be attracted to different color cells for various purposes. For example, one laser is designed to be attracted to the color of the small veins in the skin, while another is designed to be attracted to the color of the hair folicles. As laser technology advances, it is important to consult with a laser technician who continues their education in laser mechanics and procedures.

How Is The Laser Used?

Laser pen in useThere are many types of lasers and wands which will vary according to your prescribed treatment. Your technician will select the type of laser light which meets the treatment goals, and set the light frequency and intensity as needed. You may notice that some wands have small rods which help the technician maintain a consistant distance between the wand and your skin, while other wands are held directly against the skin. You will find out about the type of lasers that will be used during your initial consultation.